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     Aleks K Production is a family owned company based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in custome, boutique guitar effects pedals "for guitarists who know what a real professional sound is". The company was founded in late 2012 by Aleks K and his son Nazar K, both guitar players. Our products are designed not only from the point of view of engineers, but first of all musicians!
     Why do our pedals have a unique tone and are truly versatile? Because our products are built for musicians by musicians. We know how a booster, overdrive, distortion, ect. should sound like. And it is the tone we create with our pedals.
     As we believe, "Cheap decisions give cheap results". No pedal can be reliable and sound great if it is made of cheap, junk parts. Our company's ideology is totally different. We use ONLY!!! expensive and high quality components from world famous manufacturers from Canada, USA and Japan. And this is why the all hand build pedals from Aleks K Production are incredibly reliable with a truly great, versatile tone character. We are proud that our products are traditional, very best Canadian quality!
     We are confident that our products will help your musical creativity and will bring you much joy and pleasure.

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      Our email: alekskproduction@yahoo.com

      Our address: #3210 - 240 Sherbrooke Street
                             New Westminster, BC
                             V3L 0A4

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