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      Aleks K Production is a family owned company based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in custom, boutique guitar effects pedals "for guitarists who know what a real professional sound is". The company was founded in late 2012 by Aleks K and his son Nazar K, both guitar players. Our products are designed not only from the point of view of engineers, but first of all musicians!
     At our company, we absolutely do not use cheap, junk parts to build our products. All components and parts in our pedals are of the top quality from world famous manufacturers from Canada, USA, Japan and Germany only! This is one of the reasons why our products are incredibly reliable and produce fantastic sound quality. Our pedals have unique tones and are truly versatile because they are built for musicians by musicians. We know how an overdrive, distortion or any other pedal should sound like and it is the sound we create in our pedals.
Amazing news for Canadian customers!!!
All our prices are listed in USD. This is because most of the high quality parts we buy are from the US. 
By reason of today's unfavorable USD to CAD exchange rate, we would like to support Canadian musicians who wish to get our pedals.
So, now for Canadian customers all our prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Updated Map of our Customers as of August 2017
Welcome Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, and Turkey!

Paul L. Ewing, blogger at STOMP BOX STEALS purchased a second pedal from us, the Sun Beam Magic Drive!
Check out his full review below:
"The Sun Beam Magic Drive ...is!
If you ever had an exact sound in your head for an OD and found that drive...
...it would indeed be Magic!
As soon as I had the Sun Beam in my hand  I stood there amazed. The finish! The look of any Aleks K is stunning. They make all other pedals look cheap.
This pedal ...an overdrive, a thing that distorts your sound but can make every note in a full six note chord ring out transparently clean with a nice defined attack. It keeps that nice articular attack even if you push hard on the gain. You can hear and feel your pick touch the strings! Let me tell you how many other ...even specialty low to medium gain do this. ZERO!! 
I have owned them all ...Klon, Tube Screamer, Timmy and KOT even the various Dumble amp style pedals. I even tried the gourmet 'so called' improved models. These other pedals in some ways are nice pedals. BUT! 
They all sound FAKE.
Do not get me wrong fake is some times good. 
BUT...would you not prefer to have a pedal like the Sun Beam that sounds like a real amp?
I know every maker claims there product sounds like a tube amp. But very few do. I can easily transfer tunes I write on my Martin to an electric and the Sun Beam will add some push and warmth to them but will never will never trash my tune!!
I write a Blog Stomp Box Steals 30,000 hits tells you something?
So like many of my readers if you are looking for an OD that can work as well with a very light amount of gain right up to a good solid medium gain you can do no better. When I say no better ...I mean I have tried damn hard to find better and have not found better by any other maker on the planet.
There are many who buy a Aleks K. pedal... but very few who could ever resale them.
Like all the Aleks K this thing is a 'keeper"!"






















Check out the review of Red Scorpion Mega Distortion by Paul L. Ewing, blogger at STOMP BOX STEALS
"In this case we have an pedal encroaching on Friedman's forte. The Scorpion does not have that easy swelling that the Friedman has BUT everything else is better right down to the case it is built in. The tone is easily richer with beautiful sweet overtones and harmonics. MOST noticeable is it has a deep masculine tone and .... it is twice as fat as the Friedman.
The Scorpion is the heaviest sounding overdrive that I've ever heard that can easily pull off any kind of Metal style .... WITHOUT LOOSING IT'S REAL TUBE AMP ROOTS.  If you just want a great straight forward PLEXI...NO PROBLEM it does that too.
Unlike the Friedman you do not have to work for hours to get the best out of it. Put everything on 12 o'clock and you can find yourself jamming for hours before you realize that maybe you can tweak it and get more. Damn it Margret..that is exactly what you can do.
I hope I did not forget to tell you it is twice as fat as the Friedman? 
I have bought and sold 2 of the Bognar distortions ...the Bogner Burnley and the Uberschall. I also had the Amptweaker Big Rock Pro and the Tight Metal. All 4 pedals I only kept a few weeks. The problem with them was that they were lifeless and artificial sounding. The Scorpion is not for sale. LOL. EVER!!!"















We are proud to support local, Canadian, young musicians!
Ayla is a 15 year old, amazingly talented guitarist from Vancouver. Check out the newest video she recorded with Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive!

Check out the interview in a french magazine where Gaby Vegh talks about our pedals and how he used them to record the bass parts for Gno's new album "Sick Princess"
"Otherwise, we tried a lot of different distortion and overdrive pedals and it turned out that those of the Canadian builder from Vancouver Aleks K, which I discovered through DJUL, sounded ideal with the 8 strings". -​ Gaby Vegh
P.S. Thank you Gaby and guys from Gno for a signed copy of your new album. Rock on!


Check out the Hot Ice Sweet Distortion demo by Darrell Braun                                                  Posted on: (December 16, 2016)

"The Hot Ice is one of the best overdrive /distortion pedals I have ever played! From transparent break up to super saturated it always remains musical, and has earned a permanent spot on my pedal board!"
- Darrell Braun

We collected some fresh reviews of our pedals from artists, musicians and customers.           Posted on: (October 16, 2016)
Check them out by following the links below.

Gaby Vegh playing his bass with Aleks K Production pedals...                                                         Posted on: (June 19, 2016)


Gaby Vegh, a French bass player/singer/writer/composer                                                                  Posted on: (May 30, 2016)
about his Hot Ice and Honey Moon pedals:
 "Hello friends, I am Gaby Vegh, the bass player and singer from the band GNÔ. I used the Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive and Hot Ice Sweet Distortion pedals on Gnô's forthcoming LP with Djul (Julien LaCharme), and especially on my Dean 8 string bass, it sounded incredible! I love the sounds of the distortion we used to double some bass parts with the 8 string under the guitar solos, great bottom and incredibly punchy mediums. I love the gain. Awesome stuff!!!"

Check out the new demo of Red Scorpion Mega Distortion                                                                Posted on: (May 02, 2016)


Check out Red Scorpion Mega Distortion in action by David Wuensche                                                                  Posted on: (March 03, 2016)

Check out the Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive 2 demo by Cole Friesen                                        Posted on: (February 12, 2016)

We are proud to announce that Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive 2 is on the market now!           Posted on: (February 08, 2016)
Check it out under "Products & Online Store"
And check out the demo by Brett Kingman below ↓↓↓↓↓

Check out the demos of Red Scorpion Mega Distortion and                                                        Posted on: (February 08, 2016)
Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive 2 by Brett Kingman



We are proud to announce that Red Scorpion Mega Distortion is on the market now!            Posted on: (December 29, 2015)
Check it out under "Products & Online Store"



Dear friends,
We are proud to announce that very soon Aleks K Production is releasing two new pedals: Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive 2 and Red Scorpion Mega Distortion.
The new version of the Honey Moon pedal features a brighter, sweeter tone and a modified filter control. Red Scorpion is a high gain distortion that features a mega powerful tone and high versatility.
As always, these two pedals are hand built by Aleks himself, using expensive top quality components only from world famous manufacturers!
Stay tuned for demos, reviews, etc...


"There are a ton of distortion devices out there but this one got my attention right away. The Hot Ice has a great feature set that makes tweaking it easy. Singy/smooth/sustainy, grainy/crunchy/edgy, it’s all in there. The low end stays big, the mids stay focused and the top end is articulate. As soon as I got one, I wanted another one. Congrats on building something unique but classic, guys”.
- Jay Buettner, Canadian live and session guitar player/producer/songwriter about his Hot Ice Sweet Distortion
Check the other artists' reviews here


"Hi Aleks! Your great stuff helped me a lot throughout the whole recording process to get the refined, great tones that I needed. Guitarists love to hear practical examples of the results they could achieve with pedals, and especially how the new gear can make the guitar sit in the mix with the other band instruments. Regarding this, your gear really worked great in the recording stage, and so both tracking and mix stages were natural and easy".
- Francesco D'Andrea (World famous composer, arranger, songwriter and music producer for Film, TV, commercials and video games) about his new rock album for which he used Sun Beam Magic Drive.
The band is "Black Market Aftermath" and the album is "Come Naked". You can listen to the album here:

And check out the band's Facebook page here:



All Pedals Tone Demo



Want the tone of David Gilmour from "Louder Than Words"?

Get the Sun Beam Magic Drive!


Francesco D'Andrea - world famous composer, arranger, songwriter and music producer for Film, TV, commercials and video games:
"The Sun Beam Magic Drive by Aleks K Production is letting me have thick, creamy and articulate sounds at any amp volume. Even with the natural compression of higher gain settings, it's a really musical drive, perfect on starts, with the density control that beefs up the sound, but preserves the guitar's nature. I tried it also on a solid state amp, and gave me nonetheless warm and tube-like results, which is great. Makes wonders with the Deluxe Reverb reissue, and gave me a nice, controlled and meaty grit with my resonator steel when playing bottleneck style! This guy is definitely a keeper! Check it out! Really great stuff! "
Check the other artists' reviews here

Oleksandr Hryshchuk - guitarist from Ukrainian rock band S.K.A.Y. about his Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive:
"When I received my Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive, three things impressed me the most..."
A video demo featuring Oleksandr and his pedal is coming soon...

Chris Loocke - a Nashville based guitarist about his Hot Ice Sweet Distortion:
"...Hot Ice Sweet Distortion ...A must have for serious players!.."

We are proud to announce: our new overdrive pedal, Sun Beam Magic Drive is now on the market!
Sun Beam Magic Drive is a light/transparent overdrive. The pedal is incredibly sensitive and responsive. It features a bright, but at the same time great, density rich tone. And just like always, the Sun Beam is built using the best quality components from USA, Canada and Japan only!
To purchase your pedal and to learn more click here




Julien Lacharme (DJUL) rocking the Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive with his new rock band GNô


Check out the demo of Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive by Stewart McLellan
"The Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive... when they called it sweet, they weren't kidding... There is no substitute for analog craftsmanship,
and Aleks K products demonstrate this in my pedalboard at every show and session..."
Click on the link below to read the full review:


The girls from world famous HAIM band play our pedals...

Derrick Zajac - Guitar player for the rock band Spyglass Empire
"...I must say that it is the best sounding creamy Overdrive I have ever owned/played/heard..."
Click the following link to read the full review:

Greg Wurth - Grammy nominated, Gold & Platinum Award winning Producer and Engineer
Greg Wurth now uses our products. He became an owner of his personal Hot Ice Sweet Distortion and Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive built by Aleks K.
For details, go to the following link: 

Brett Kingman's Review and Demos
"...Just the sonic scope of the Hot Ice Sweet Distortion and Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive respectively should be enough to convince most players of their worth. Add to that the uncompromising build quality and component choice and you have a winning combination that excels in all departments - sound, function and build..."
Click on the link below to read the full review:
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