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Our company has only been on the market since December 2012. In such a short period of time our products have become the choice of professionals. We are proud that world famous guitarists use our pedals. More and more biggies want to own their personal boutique pedals from Aleks K Production. Check out the following artists' reviews:
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"The Hot Ice is one of the best overdrive /distortion pedals I have ever played! From transparent break up to super saturated it always remains musical, and has earned a permanent spot on my pedal board!"
- Darrell Braun, Professional Canadian Guitarist (Hot Ice)

"I am very impressed by the Red Scorpion Mega Distortion from Aleks K Production! This pedal is far better from any pedals I have ever tried before, and I do have a lot of experience with numerous pedals. I am happy to now use the Red Scorpion pedal.
Red Scorpion Mega Distortion has fantastic sound, great tone and it is very versatile. This pedal sounds very good within a band, its lead tone is not lost between drums, keyboards and the bass, and it is great for live performances and studio recordings.
I love that this pedal has an endless sustain and is not noisy even at maximum gain. The Red Scorpion is a high gain distortion, but it is not too loud and has a wonderful melodic tone and it does not cut the ear, as the vast majority of other pedals.
This pedal is very well built. All the components are from Canada, USA, Germany and Japan only. This pedal is very costly for the guys from Aleks K Production, however the price is adequate and it is worth every penny.
This pedal is unique in the way that it inspires creativity in guitarist, encourages the development of new musical territories and new musical ideas. All this significantly differentiates the Red Scorpion from all other pedals on the market. I wish the best of luck to "Aleks K Production", their new devices, new effects and overall success in business"!
- Stepan Chumak, song writer, singer and lead guitarist from Ukrainian rock band "King Size" (Red Scorpion Mega Distortion)


"Hello friends, I am Gaby Vegh, the bass player and singer from the band GNÔ. I used the Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive and Hot Ice Sweet Distortion pedals on Gnô's forthcoming LP with Djul (Julien LaCharme), and especially on my Dean 8 string bass, it sounded incredible! I love the sounds of the distortion we used to double some bass parts with the 8 string under the guitar solos, great bottom and incredibly punchy mediums. I love the gain. Awesome stuff!!!"
- Gaby Vegh, a French bass player/singer/ writer/composer (Hot Ice, Honey Moon)

"Aleks, just wanted to let you know that my Sun Beam arrived yesterday, tried it out last night and just love it. It’s a great sounding low to medium drive. The density control does a great job of making it sound thicker and fuller without getting that over the top loose sounding bass tone. I have tried and used a ton of low / medium drive pedals from the JHS Morning Glory, King of Tone (which I have but like your better), the forum famous Paul C. Timmy that I have tried at least 3 times thinking I am missing something but it just didn’t have the sound I was looking for as well the Rockett Blue Note, Menatone Blue Collar, several Klone types, Rockbox Boiling Point and baby blues, Bogner pedals, Barber LTD,s, Big Joe Stomp box Vintage tubes and several more I can't think of at the moment all were consider some of the best on the market. It took plugging yours in for about 10 seconds to realize the Sun Beam was one of the best I have tried. Thanks again"!
- Jim Wintz, guitar player from "Classic Rock Band (CRB)" (Sun Beam, Hot Ice, Red Scorpion, Honey Moon 2)


"There are a ton of distortion devices out there but this one got my attention right away. The Hot Ice has a great feature set that makes tweaking it easy. Singy/smooth/sustainy, grainy/crunchy/edgy, it’s all in there. The low end stays big, the mids stay focused and the top end is articulate. As soon as I got one, I wanted another one. Congrats on building something unique but classic, guys”.
- Jay Buettner, Canadian live and session guitar player/producer/songwriter (Hot Ice)


"The Sun Beam Magic Drive by Aleks K Production is letting me have thick, creamy and articulate sounds at any amp volume. Even with the natural compression of higher gain settings, it's a really musical drive, perfect on starts, with the density control that beefs up the sound, but preserves the guitar's nature. I tried it also on a solid state amp, and gave me nonetheless warm and tube-like results, which is great. Makes wonders with the Deluxe Reverb reissue, and gave me a nice, controlled and meaty grit with my resonator steel when playing bottleneck style! This guy is definitely a keeper! Check it out! Really great stuff! "
- Francesco D'Andrea, world famous composer, arranger, songwriter and music producer for Film, TV, commercials and video games. (Sun Beam)


"When I received my Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive, three things impressed me the most. Firstly, the quality of the components and assembly. Secondly, I was shocked when I plugged it in. The pedal sounds fantastic!!! And finally, I was impressed with the features of this toy. I can easily create any tone I like: from bright, transparent drive to crunch and smooth, powerful solo overdrive. Thank you guys for a great product!"
- Oleksandr Hryshchuk, guitar player from Ukrainian rock band S.K.A.Y. (Honey Moon)


"The hot ice sweet distortion is such a well rounded and screaming pedal. Having two drives and comp allows you an incredible range of low to high gain tones. Your guitar simply sings with it! A must have for serious players!"
- Chris Loocke, Nashville based guitarist 
(Hot Ice)


"I had my first gig with the Hot Ice Sweet Distortion in my rig on recently and numerous rehearsals before. The pedal is rad! It's flawless! One of my favourite pedals I have ever owned!"
- Matt Ahwal, guitar player from British band "Fond Of Rudy" (Hot Ice)




"The Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive... when they called it sweet, they weren't kidding. I use the flexible drive one and two controls in various configurations, whether I'm playing rock, blues, country, or even jazz/fusion music. There' a singing sustain, and you really can hear the uncompromised quality built in to each personalized unit. I've had the fortune of using vintage and boutique tube amplifiers and analog effects on stage and in the studio for 30 years. I've seen transistor amplifiers and digital models come and go. There is no substitute for analog craftsmanship, and Aleks K products demonstrate this in my pedalboard at every show and session."
- Stewart McLellan, guitar player, producer at SMP Audio, Victoria, Canada (Honey Moon)


- Alana Haim, guitar player from world famous HAIM band (Honey Moon)


- Danielle Haim, guitar player from world famous HAIM band (Hot Ice)


"When I ordered the Honey Moon I was not sure what to expect. But sir.... I must say that it is the best sounding creamy Overdrive I have ever owned/played/heard. It's simply amazing!! Thank you for making a such a great pedal. As far as I am concerned it's already a classic and new bench mark."
- Derrick Zajac, guitar player from Spyglass Empire band (Honey Moon)


"I have demonstrated well over 1000 pedals during my tenure as a Youtube obsessive. Most of those pedals have been dirt boxes of one type or another; overdrive, fuzz, distortion, etc. Many are similar sounding with similar features but packaged in a different coloured box with a clever name. Aleks K Production pedals stand apart from the crowd as they offer genuine points of difference that are eminently musical and useable. Just the sonic scope of the Hot Ice Sweet Distortion and Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive respectively should be enough to convince most players of their worth. Add to that the uncompromising build quality and component choice and you have a winning combination that excels in all departments - sound, function and build. It's easy to understand why these pedals are fast becoming the choice of well known professionals. I count myself as a fan also. Great work, Aleks and Nazar!"
- Brett Kingman, World famous YouTube gear demonstrator (Hot Ice, Honey MoonSun Beam)


"It's a really cool pedal.  It has great flexibility. It works great on a clean amp and you can get the sweet spot easily.  Nice job guys! I get a lot of clients coming for me to get great guitar sounds and your pedals are a great tool to have in the closet".
- Greg Wurth, Grammy nominated, Gold & Platinum Award winning Producer and Engineer (Hot IceHoney Moon)


“Very easy to get a creamy tone, both rhythm and solo. Works very well with single or humbucker pickups. Highly recommended!!!”.
- Andre Arsenault (Hot IceHoney Moon)


“Nice design. Cleans up nicely – even at max overdrive. Smooth, singing tone. Sounds great! The more I play Hot Ice, the more I like this pedal”.
- Brad Hamblet (Hot IceHoney Moon)


"Beautiful pedal. Amazing work. It is very quiet and responsive even at maximum gain. Very thick sound. Hot Ice Sweet Distortion is the best pedal I've tried. I love it!".
- Devin Townsend, Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and producer (Hot Ice)


"This is a big, great, fantastic sound!!! I tried the pedal on stage, in studio, with differents amps, guitars, microphones etc... And I am always getting same results: powerful, thich distortion. The Hot Ice is really great for me essentially for the recording in studio and live performances. Great for both rhythm and lead".
- Julien Lacharme (DJUL), guitarist from France (Hot IceHoney Moon)


"The Hot Ice Sweet Distortion from Aleks K is the most exciting and distinctive distortion box I've ever heard. Sweet, creamy distortion without the harshness of lesser pedals. Quiet as a mouse and it's built like a tank. The sparkle blue paint job just sends it over the top! Great work Aleks!"
- Jabo Bihlman, lead guitarist from Grinder Blues (Hot Ice)

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