Production Process


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1. Our pedals start off on the computer of Nazar K, who is responsible for the design of enclosures, PCB's, outside look, web design, etc.
2. All parts used in our pedals are RoHS compliant. For example, here is a document that certifies no use of hazardous substances in our PCB's.
3. Our enclosures are special custom designed, made out of durable, heavy duty steel that will last for ages.
4. Our enclosures are of the top quality, manufactured and finished in Port Coquitlam (Greater Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada by Wesgar Inc.
5. The Hot Ice Sweet Distortion Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) are of the top quality with nickel/silver tracks, manufactured by the famous Enigma Interconnect based in Coquitlam (Greater Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada.
6. The Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive PCB's are also of the top quality with nickel/silver tracks, manufactured by Enigma Interconnect.
7. Our hardware and electronic components are of the top quality, made by world famous manufacturers from Canada, USA and Japan only!
8. Aleks K personally solders electronic components onto PCB's, using US made, lead free, RoHS compliant solder only and high quality US made wires.
9. The brains and hearts of the unique Hot Ice Sweet Distortion and Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive pedals are now done and ready to be assembled into finished products.
10. Our finished Hot Ice enclosures are of the top quality, powder coated with high gloss chameleon sparkling metallic paint that changes colour from deep blue to purple, depending on the angle viewed from.
11. The Honey Moon enclosures are of the top quality, powder coated with medium gloss, metallic, Sunflower paint. 
12. Aleks K personally assembles all the parts of the pedal together, later testing each finished unit by himself.
13. We do not have any pedals in stock. Since the date of a purchase Aleks requires only 3 business days to build your effects box. Each customer gets a signature pedal all built, tested, numbered and personally signed by Aleks K, also with your name printed inside.
14. The all finished effect units are ready and waiting for you. When you try them, you will be amazed by the quality and versatility of the Hot Ice and the Honey Moon. These pieces of art will always remain on your pedal board.


*We may change the design and/or schematic of any of our products if we consider it is a need.

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