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"The Sun Beam Magic Drive!
If you ever had an exact sound in your head for an OD and found that drive... would indeed be Magic!
As soon as I had the Sun Beam in my hand  I stood there amazed. The finish! The look of any Aleks K is stunning. They make all other pedals look cheap.
This pedal overdrive, a thing that distorts your sound but can make every note in a full six note chord ring out transparently clean with a nice defined attack. It keeps that nice articular attack even if you push hard on the gain. You can hear and feel your pick touch the strings! Let me tell you how many other ...even specialty low to medium gain do this. ZERO!! 
I have owned them all ...Klon, Tube Screamer, Timmy and KOT even the various Dumble amp style pedals. I even tried the gourmet 'so called' improved models. These other pedals in some ways are nice pedals. BUT! 
They all sound FAKE.
Do not get me wrong fake is some times good. 
BUT...would you not prefer to have a pedal like the Sun Beam that sounds like a real amp?
I know every maker claims there product sounds like a tube amp. But very few do. I can easily transfer tunes I write on my Martin to an electric and the Sun Beam will add some push and warmth to them but will never will never trash my tune!!
I write a Blog Stomp Box Steals 30,000 hits tells you something?
So like many of my readers if you are looking for an OD that can work as well with a very light amount of gain right up to a good solid medium gain you can do no better. When I say no better ...I mean I have tried damn hard to find better and have not found better by any other maker on the planet.
There are many who buy a Aleks K. pedal... but very few who could ever resale them.
Like all the Aleks K this thing is a 'keeper"!"
- Paul L. Ewing ("Stomp Box Steals" Blogger)

"In this case we have an pedal encroaching on Friedman's forte. The Scorpion does not have that easy swelling that the Friedman has BUT everything else is better right down to the case it is built in. The tone is easily richer with beautiful sweet overtones and harmonics. MOST noticeable is it has a deep masculine tone and .... it is twice as fat as the Friedman.
The Scorpion is the heaviest sounding overdrive that I've ever heard that can easily pull off any kind of Metal style .... WITHOUT LOOSING IT'S REAL TUBE AMP ROOTS.  If you just want a great straight forward PLEXI...NO PROBLEM it does that too.
Unlike the Friedman you do not have to work for hours to get the best out of it. Put everything on 12 o'clock and you can find yourself jamming for hours before you realize that maybe you can tweak it and get more. Damn it Margret..that is exactly what you can do.
I hope I did not forget to tell you it is twice as fat as the Friedman? 
I have bought and sold 2 of the Bognar distortions ...the Bogner Burnley and the Uberschall. I also had the Amptweaker Big Rock Pro and the Tight Metal. All 4 pedals I only kept a few weeks. The problem with them was that they were lifeless and artificial sounding. The Scorpion is not for sale. LOL. EVER!!!"
- Paul L. Ewing ("Stomp Box Steals" Blogger)

"I want to give a huge thanks to Aleks K Production, which is an amazing local guitar pedal company that graciously lent me the beautiful Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive pedal I used in my newest video... it really is exactly the tone I've always been looking for"!
- Ayla (guitar player)

"Great pedal – clear and transparent even at high drive settings. The Sun Beam sounds excellent with both single coils and humbuckers. The “dense” control is fantastic – thins and thickens the sound without altering the true tone of the guitar. Another must-have box from Aleks K"!
- Brad Hamblet (guitar player)

"I received my Red Scorpion last night. It looks great, sounds awesome, and I already love the pedal!!! I just wanted to let you know quickly that the package was delivered safely and correctly. Thank you so very much for your creativity!!! Respect"!
- Inada Akira (guitar player from Japan)

"As always, Aleks K Production makes the best pedals for guitar players. Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive can satisfy even the pickiest players. The gain works great from almost zero to very saturated overdrive. Thanks to the filter switch this pedal may create any kind of tone. Very versatile! And like always, this pedal is built with top quality components. Love it!!!"
- Brad Hamblet (guitar player)

"I own a Hot Ice Sweet Distortion and I am very happy with this pedal. Now I also have a Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive. I use these pedals separately and together using the Honey Moon as booster for the Hot Ice. As a result, this combination gives me an unbelievable range of tones. From saturated, smooth, singling distortion to bright, clear overdrive. These pedals do it all!"
- Andre Arsenault (guitar player, guitar effects and amps builder)

"LOVE IT!!! A very transparent and versatile overdrive. The 2 gain stages can cover of all the way to saturated distortion. The filter adds so much to the tone possibilities".
- Andre Bourget (guitar player)

"First of, I love the EQ. The Red Scorpion has a very wide range. It goes from almost ear piercing to very muffled highs which is good because you can work that with any amp you are using. Same with the mids and the lows. There is plenty of lows which is very cool. A lot of pedals stop at a certain point. The tone switch is awesome! The pedal is phenomenal, there is tons of gain. You can go from zero basically, which is just like barely a boost to as much as you want. Tons and tons of gain! It is phenomenal sound! The tone is very good. And the build is also great"!
- Aleks (guitarist and sales representative at a large music store)

"I really like that there is no noise coming out of the Red Scorpion pedal. Especially coming out of an amp which wouldn't be usually something you'd throw a heavy overdrive in front of. The pedal responds very well with the Fender Deluxe amp I am using. I run it through a Les Paul guitar with humbuckers and there is no noise from the pedal. The Red Scorpion is incredible! The pedal is also very versatile. I can use it for at least three different projects and get different tones every time. All around, it is a very good pedal"!
- Phil Jones (guitarist and sales representative at a large music store)

"The Red Scorpion Mega Distortion is a very versatile and transparent pedal. From rhythm backing to wailing leads, this pedal covers it all. Even with heavy gain it is a noiseless pedal. And Canadian made. I'm a believer"!
- Jeff Cains (guitar player)

"Red Scorpion Mega Distortion is a very versatile pedal. It goes from clean to very heavy distortion. Solid middle. You can get a lot more tones out of it than other distortions. Very good tonal variance. Balanced equalizer. Overall, warm tone. Very quiet for a high gain distortion pedal. Impressive!"
- James Raynor (guitar player)

"Way more versatile than the name would have you believe. The tone stack is both a dramatic and subtle tone sharper. Plus it has a huge amount of volume boost and gain on tap that remains responsive to pick attack and volume knob changes".
- Capital E-D (guitar player)

"The Sun Beam Magic Drive sounds great.  I'm using it in a cascade arrangement with a Dumkudo and they compliment very well together. I'm very pleased how well it works alone or with the Twin Custom Dumkudo. The Sun Beam will be replacing a Zendrive 2 pedal which is a fine pedal but doesn't work as well as the Sun Beam with my set up. I'm probably going to sell my Zendrive 2 though it is a great pedal as well. Thanks again for a great job"!
- Dennis Mecham (guitar player)

"I took the Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive through some initial paces with a Blackie Stratocaster through a Suhr Badger 18 combo. I must say, this is probably the best sounding OD pedal I have tried to date, and believe me, I have tried a lot of overdrives in over 40 years of playing. It is articulate, powerful, quiet, and built like a tank".
- BJ Kapler (guitar player)

"Although a keyboardist by trade, the guitar is an essential part of my music. I have tried several distortion pedals in my many years as a musician and have replaced many of them because of their undesired effect on my music. But as most musicians, I had to try something different and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the "Hot Ice Sweet Distortion".  I received the "Hot Ice" in the mail and plugged it in right away. Within a few minutes I had dialed in a sound that I had failed to achieve with other pedals, and one that will stay as my signature sound. Thank you Aleks K Production for such a great pedal and look forward to ordering the OD very soon. Also, check out eBay, I will have some pedals for sale there; they were just replaced by the "Hot Ice". 
- Gus Montalvo (guitar player)

"When I ordered the Honey Moon I was not sure what to expect. But sir.... I must say that it is the best sounding creamy Overdrive I have ever owned/played/heard. It's simply amazing!! Thank you for making a such a great pedal. As far as I am concerned it's already a classic and new bench mark."
- Derrick Zajac, guitar player from Spyglass Empire band

"I have demonstrated well over 1000 pedals during my tenure as a Youtube obsessive. Most of those pedals have been dirt boxes of one type or another; overdrive, fuzz, distortion, etc. Many are similar sounding with similar features but packaged in a different coloured box with a clever name. Aleks K Production pedals stand apart from the crowd as they offer genuine points of difference that are eminently musical and useable. Just the sonic scope of the Hot Ice Sweet Distortion and Honey Moon Sweet Overdrive respectively should be enough to convince most players of their worth. Add to that the uncompromising build quality and component choice and you have a winning combination that excels in all departments - sound, function and build. It's easy to understand why these pedals are fast becoming the choice of well known professionals. I count myself as a fan also. Great work, Aleks and Nazar!"
- Brett Kingman (artist, famous YouTube gear demonstrator)

“It's totally awesome! Very thick, juicy and middy. Really digging! It's quiet. It's really cool! Top-notch, top quality, top cool! If you are looking for a good middy, big gain, high gain, rock gain pedal, you found one right here. Very cool!”.
- Gearmanndude (YouTube gear demonstrator)

“Nice design. Cleans up nicely – even at max overdrive. Smooth, singing tone. Sounds great! The more I play Hot Ice, the more I like this pedal”.
- Brad Hamblet (guitar player)

“Very easy to get a creamy tone, both rhythm and solo. Works very well with single or humbucker pickups. Highly recommended!!!”.
- Andre Arsenault (guitar player, guitar effects and amps builder)


This is a great pedal, really functional and well thought out. It is a very versatile distortion unit especially if you dig tone and colour to your dirty sound. The two "drive" knob system allows you to mix it just the way you would like to get what you're looking for. The design is great, when I checked out to see how well it bypassed it was amazingly clear, showing that the components that were used are grade A. There is no hum with this unit it is a thing of beauty and it is priced in the right place as far as a true bypass distortion pedal should be”.
- Kelly Brown (“UNO MAS” band)

“Good pedal! Sounds smooth and juicy. Very quiet even at max gain. Two distinct tones between the drives. True bypass is a great option. Well built and crafted boutique pedal”.
- Anthony Fiddler (guitar player)

The Hot Ice is a great sounding, nicely designed, versatile drive/distortion pedal. Very sensitive, responsible and compressed sounding. Works for any music style. Even country music! The Hot Ice is really COOL!!!”.
- Rocky Mercurio (guitar player and specialist)

“This pedal sounds fantastic! Even better compared to some boutique pedals I’ve tried that cost much more. Very organic and versatile. Extremely well made!”.
- Andre Bourget (guitar player and boutique music store’s worker)

“Great pedal with great versatility. Functions are well laid out and clear. Can also be used as a booster pedal”.
- John Tate (a large music store’s assistant manager)

I like the idea of two drive knobs. It gives unique features for guitar players. Hot Ice is a pedal that’s got everything I like in a distortion. Very cool pedal”.
- Sean (guitar player)

“Great pedal. Sounds equally fantastic at low and high gain settings. Smooth and extremely versatile. The 5 know system allows the pedal to sound as a distortion, an overdrive and even a booster, all in one unit”.
- Ray Token (“Guitar Effects Canada” music store owner)

“Very cool pedal. The sound is very concentrated and smooth. Almost seems like there is a compressor inside”.
- Jonathan Wu (guitar player and sales representative at a large music store)

Very smooth and organic sounding. At some settings nails the fuzz tone. Very flexible. Great pedal!”.
- Kyle Goddard (guitar player and sales representative at a large music store)

“Very versatile stomp box. From heavy to a nice rolled off smooth crunch. Great for any music style”.
- Kirk Benedict (blues guitar player)

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